News of the day:-英美有難

Apart from the shutdown of the federal govt resulting from the in fight between the president and the house of congress over the funding for the construction of the US-Mexican border wall, the withdrawal of US military from Syria leaving the Kurds to fight against the Isis by themselves etc, Donald Trump has yet another saga to face to.

Trump unleashes on FBI. He said ”They are the dirty cops.”

Transcript transcribed from the congressional interview on the removal of the director of FBI earlier on has it that Donald Trump had a secret talk or concealment of his conversation with the Russia President Putin in 2018. This latest saga of “Russia reports” putting Donald Trump in deep shit. Trump replies by saying that that is disgraceful and insulting even for the press to ask that question. That is the big fat hoax.

“Is there any thing benign that Trump should conceal the conversation from his security adviser?” CNN anchor asked Shawn Turner, security analyst who said likely! The other guest Max Boot said Trump’s remark of “I never work for Russia” connotes with Nixon’s “ I am not a crook!” Or Bill Clinton’s “ I never had sex with that woman!”

On the other hand, Teresa May is also in deep shit when she faces rebellion from her party on the Brexit deal. To have deal or no deal at all? We will see it later today. The views are diverging. The deadline is approaching with only 73 days left, ie 29-3-19 to leave EU. Interesting to note how “Cabaret to cop with the messy divorce”